Whenever You Leave

I watch it follow you around, the sadness. How you harvest it below your eyes, beneath your seas. How it is trans-fluent within you, present in your tendencies. I like to watch you move and love to watch you leave.

I watch you move amid the trees, only finding happiness in moments that fleet. Across the land and the snow, across my mind, across your own. All the way around the globe. You are the chaser of dragons, that weary, twenty-somethin’ soul.

I watch it follow you around, the silence. How it rots beneath your tongue. How you weep, how you shuffle and then; and then how you succumb. How every one of your days so different, how you watch perplexed; as they each roll in to one.
You grasp at each hour as though tangible, follow each minute back into the tall shadows. Your urgency is palpable, your desperation shows, although real-casual. All across the globe you’ve come, only to find yourself in the darkness, and again at square one.

I watch you delve beneath your deepest seas, turn up your ocean bed. You follow each scattered moment fleeting and leave the rest sitting on its head. A hand, a lamp, a map I may have offered, but upon deaf ears my pleas may fall. Although okay, because, I like it when you move that twenty-somethin’ soul.

So, move amid the leaves, follow and float as you do and miss the point entirely. You move so fast and so tirelessly, spinning and spinning – adrift in the trees. Harvest your sadness and shuffle around, give in to the silence and cover the ground.

Cover your ears, then your eyes.
Search your pockets, search the night and look all into July.
Then you may come to me, ask me why it is that you can’t find,
Happiness in moments that aren’t brief,
visions left in the light,
freedom from your grief, or
serenity from the fight
Well, I am only here to watch you ebb, but if I had a voice: Remedy is not buried deep beneath your soils, nor across your foreign seas. It is not among your Forrest Firs, and won’t be found in sleep. Relief resides within the still, in the moments you can’t catch. All the answers, undisturbed, in that silence you can’t match.
But if you could, my dear, you would hear your oceans drain away. All of your spinning and all of your sadness, well, it would fall astray. But, immersed you are and revolving you go and with that, peace will never be appeased.
Maybe you’ll never learn,
But at least I like to watch you move,
and love to watch you leave.

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