How Big is Your Love?

When you knew the decision was right, when it made sense, when you felt the same. When you breathed a sigh of relief, when you realized relief does not reign over peace. When hindsight creates something abstract out of something concrete.

When you saw it coming all along, but the change still shakes you. When you remember things all wrong. When you are moved too late, but you move in the wrong way and you can’t seem to move on. When everything smells of smoke, but nothing’s up in flames. When you feel the urgency to leave, but you’re not sure where to run, where the fire is or where catastrophe lives.

When you know that all that this is:
is that you forget how to separate the nights from the lonely. That it is not a question of love or if it exists. But that it is the question of how it forms, of it’s size and visibility. Of it’s tangibility and it’s proximity, of the shape that it takes, how heavy it weighs on one beneath a flame-less haze.

3 thoughts on “How Big is Your Love?

  1. “When everything smells of smoke, but nothing’s up in flames.” ❤ You truly have the heart of a poet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rylan!! I really appreciate that ❤


      1. You’re very welcome, Jayne! How long have you been writing?


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