A Coup de Grâce

When you love someone that loves only when it is convenient;
that shows love solely when it benefits them and their own personal reasons.
When consideration is shown in short bursts and terse seasons,
when you are expected to extract love from thin air,
when it’s assumed that you know that it’s just there

Know that you can not be held with a ten-foot pole,
that comfort does not come from one that loves by way of greed,
that love may be planted in a bed of weeds,
but will not grow riddled in restriction,
it does not expand when constricted and fact can not be pulled from fiction.

Know that this is a dead-end street,
the cul-de-sac where unrequited love and squandered time meet.
Know that you should cut your losses, proceed with caution and move undaunted.
Take this message for what it is: an advised coup de grâce, in the name of a love, misplaced.

– –

And when closure does not come,
and you are trapped in the house of doubt,
when you are left hanging from the rafters;
when your love turns into anger

When you want them to understand, to see
the ways in which you hurt, the ways in which you bleed,
know that it is not possible, selfishness has no eyes, it does not read.

When you are caught in disbelief,
that a love, complete, will back you against a wall,
will cause defeat:

Know that you are not finishing a love,
only a period of time.
Love, you see, it does not finish.
It merely wasn’t there at all.

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