Through My Veins

Where is it that you slumber? Where is it that you dream? Who is it that you think of if it isn’t me? What is it that you hear when the universe speaks?

Can you hear the leaking sky, or feel the dripping moon? Do you remember how I feel or are we lost so soon? When it all feels right, do your thoughts decay like mine? Do you stop yourself from falling deeply, into the vastness of the night?

Do you reach out for love with both arms, but then forget to grasp? Do you make demands to hear from it, but then forget to ask? Do you awake in the unknown, lost without a map?

Do you feel like a rock trying to soak water from the river-bed? Does loneliness exceed itself inside your deep, dark head? Do your ideas on how things should be, keep you from fluidity? Do you dismiss realities before discovering their pleasantries? Have you realized yet, things are never what they seem? Do you read between the lines, because what is said, is not often what one means?

And tell me now, are you still able to see me? Or have you covered me in thoughts, buried me in plans, lost me to regime?

It is with wavering confidence when I tell you that I am not made up of the fabric of your dreams. With a wading unsurety in my ask of you and hesitation in my speech: please withdraw all of your notions of what you think that I should be. Kill all of your darlings and drown them out at sea.

And may you travel through my veins, may you be swept away by each breath that I take.
May you hear all the intricacies in which the universe speaks,
may I be the one you think of in your sleep.
May the vast night let you fall,
fall right into me.

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