Naturally Greedy

I do not know where I am or where I stand or if a man is to carry the sky or the soil? I learned only of the Iroquois and history, of grammar and equality. That truth is few and far between, but I do not know if a woman is to carry a man or the sea? Why was this never explained to me?

I have never been taught how to grasp at a wave, or is it a mans job to pull the ocean from the shore; to summon the tide, to command it low and then high? But then again, I have never been taught how to tug at the sky, or to possess a cloud, why hasn’t anybody shown me how?

I’ve been running around, you see, trying to find a being able to show me these things. I’m empty armed and second best, I do not know which way is right and which way left. I do not know so many of things, all of these mysteries the universe brings. I wish to possess it all, at any cost, heavy handed, balancing horizons, a man, the soil, the sky and the sea.

This. This is known as Greed.

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